How to bypass WatchGuard HTTP proxy

Can’t use Facebook ….. YouTube or your favorite site ?

Frustrated because of restrictions in your country ?

Tired almost every proxy websites but can’t access any of them ?


If you’re answer to any of the question is yes then You’re at the right place to learn a simple method that almost every computer geek use to bypass restrictions in their college/office.

In this article I’m gonna show you How to bypass browsing restrictions  using proxy software called Ultrasurf and surf your favorite websites

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So what is Ultrasurf ? 

It’s a well know proxy software using this software, you can access various social networks like Orkut, Youtube, Myspace, Hi5, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, etc, which are blocked most schools,colleges and offices. in few seconds. I’m using this software to bypass restrictions in my college. The best thing about this software is its 100% FREE!


Some of the features of UltraSurf

  1. It can bypass major firewalls (like WatchGuard HTTP Proxy)
  2. It will hide your real IP
  3. It is portable (Yep! You don’t need to install it)
  4. Encrypt your activities
  5. It is Easy to Use

Note :

If you are using web browsers other than FireFox, it will automatically do nessary setting but if you are using it then you need to do it manually. Don’t worry it’s damn easy

How to use ultrasurf with firefiox ?
Just follow the following simple steps to use ultrasurf proxy software with firefox

  • Go to Tools -> Options ->Networks tab
  • Then choose the manual proxy option
  • Enter the following details in it

HTTP Proxy :

Port : 9666

UltraSurf Download How to bypass WatchGuard HTTP proxy

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